Will CBSE Make Students Ready for Future Challenges?

One of the most popular boards of studies was the CBSE. While studying in state boards, ICSE or CBSE is dependent on the choice of the parents and students, it pays to know the advantages offered by these boards. Here, we have compiled some points that will list out the advantages of CBSE board. Start off by getting well acquainted with the educational system under the central board.

Know About CBSE

Highly preferred amongst students, this board was first reconstituted on 1 July 1962, with headquarters in Delhi. CBSE Full form is actually known as Central Board of Secondary Education, a national level board of education. Under the management of the Union Government of India,  CBSE affiliates all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, private schools and most of the schools approved by the Central Government of India. All the schools affiliated to this board follow the NCERT syllabus and the textbooks.

Scope for the Students Studying in CBSE

The CBSE schools are known to broadly advocate the following points:

  • Developing holistic individuals via stress-free, holistic and child-centred education without compromising on quality
  • Adapt an integrated curricular approach to instil values in students
  • Propose teaching-learning methodologies to improve school education consistent with the National goals
  • Bring about reforms to the evaluation processes and the examinations
  • Provide job-linked or job oriented feedback or inputs to enhance skill learning of the students
  • Prepare the students most efficiently for the competitive exams
  • CBSE Syllabus is skill oriented and not just content based
  • Board is common throughout India
  • Students of Classes 11 and 12 can pick and choose subjects of their choice
  • Exam reforms of the CBSE is taking a more international approach in examination patterns and marking schemes
  • All India Engineering and Medical Entrance exams have question based on NCERT textbooks

Benefits of CBSE

After we understand the main objectives and scope of the course for the students, here we have given certain other advantages of CBSE. They are:

  • All the major nationalized competitive exams like JEE are conducted by CBSE
  • CBSE courses are student friendly and interesting to study
  • Studying in CBSE is beneficial for students who wish to pursue higher studies in professional streams
  • Books are made interactive and interesting so that students do not have to face much stress while studying
  • CBSE imparts not quality knowledge to the students but also stresses on the importance of overall physical and mental growth
  • Students have flexibility to choose the branch of their interest

Students can make the decision after going through all these points. The decision should also be based on their aspirations and career planning. Whichever board they follow, it is up to the students to make the most of it and ace the exams. For the convenience of these students and to help them prepare for the exams efficiently, the board also provides the prescribed syllabus, textbooks, question papers and even CBSE Sample Papers. So, buck up and start preparing for not just the school but for the exams, as well from the beginning itself.

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