What is the best option to pay university fees in Canada from India

Are you a student who is studying in Canada or are you looking for a way to send money to your friends or relatives who are studying in Canada? then this is for you. To send money abroad, you have options like the bank to bank money transfer, wire transfer, money exchange, PayPal, OFX, even you can buy a forex card and use it to pay your tuition fees in any country you want.

But before choosing them, you need to know, which is the easiest as well the fastest along with the maximum security among the listed methods. Banks are known for their security but the drawback while going through banks is their service charge and hidden charges. Both money exchange and forex card service offered by banks are higher compared to the same service offered by foreign currency exchange.

You might think that choosing PayPal is the smartest way. There you will get a secured service but the exchange charges while using PayPal are higher compared to all other services. Picking OFX will overcome all the above ones. But OFX is not available in all countries.

We need a way that is secure, less in service charges, available in all places, with the best exchange rates. The one-stop for all your expectations is the Money Exchanger. In other words, foreign currency exchanger. Along with your expectations, you will get more benefits such as excellent customer services, periodic offers, personally designed Forex Cards.

How money exchange is overcoming all the drawbacks of others? They are established mainly to send money to foreign countries. So, they have huge experience in this market. With help of that, they can able to reduce the service charge.  Money exchange has its presence all around the world. So, it will always right at your footstep wherever you go.

In terms of security, RBI authorized money changers always operate under the guidelines of RBI. So, every transaction that you are performing will come under the RBI guidelines.  So, you don’t have to worry about your security. The next point is the exchange rate, money changers always depend on the live exchange rates, so you will get your exchange value at the best rates unless like fixed exchange rate by PayPal.

Foreign Currency Exchanger offers different forex cards designed based on the purpose of the usage. For the student, these forex cards are not only the easiest option to carry money, but this will also help them to get many extra offers based on their usage. Overall, transferring through money exchange or using a forex card offered by money exchange will be the best option to pay tuition fees to Canada.

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