Facts about Blood

Blood is the only fluid connective tissue that runs throughout the body. It is the medium through which all necessary elements like nutrients and oxygen are transferred to cells and all metabolic wastes are transferred from cells. Blood consists of almost 8% of the human body’s weight. The primary functions of blood include transportation of necessary elements, protection from the foreign materials like bacteria, fungus, etc., and regulation of pH by interacting with acids and bases.

There are numerous interesting facts about blood. Listed below are a few of them.


Human blood has no other substitute. The composition of blood includes two main components – plasma and formed elements or corpuscles.


There are 4 main blood groups of human blood – O, A, B, and AB. These blood groups are called as the ABO blood group system and are differentiated mainly by the presence and absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of Red Blood Cells.


The heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood through blood vessels to the entire body. It nearly pumps 14,000 liters of blood for every 24 hours.


The Blood cells float in the plasma, which is mainly composed of 90% water, nutrients, proteins, electrolytes, gases, glucose, and hormones.


Red blood cells function by carrying oxygen around the body. White blood cells function by defending against certain pathogens, infectious diseases, and other unwanted materials. Platelets function by clotting the blood in order to limit bleeding.


We, humans, have red colored blood, while other species have different colors of blood. The color of the blood is mainly determined by the respiratory pigment.


A healthy adult human body comprises approximately 1.325 gallons of blood. A single drop of blood contains 4-5 millions of red blood cells, 9- 10 thousands of white blood cells and 2 – 2.5 lakhs of blood platelets.


Lungs, the primary organs of the human respiratory system functions by providing the oxygenated blood through the process called respiration.

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