Parents Guide – Choosing an International School for Your Child

There are many things to look for when choosing an international school for your kid. In places like Bangkok, there are several top-quality private schools in the city, so choosing one can be difficult. International schools continue to gain a reputation for excellence as they prepare students for university and beyond. Most international schools cater for a mix of expatriates and local kids.

These tips will help you select the most suitable one.

Their Website

When looking for information on international schools, we tend to turn to the internet. During our search, we will come across the school’s website. This should immediately attract our attention as it must promote the school in the right fashion. Top learning institutions like BASIS International School Bangkok have an engaging website which is full of useful information. A good quality international school will have a website that contains:

  • Up to date information
  • Calendar of events
  • Student resources

Everything on the website should help parents better understand the values of the school, their curriculum, facilities and more.


If you are sending your kids to an international school, they should be learning the local language. Most international schools’ curricula is delivered in English, but there should also be plenty of focus on the local dialect. In addition, there should be other options to learn popular languages such as Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Access to Technology

A good international school will value technology, students should be exposed to technology at a young age to help them develop their skills into the future. In addition to being exposed to learning through digital interaction, it is good to choose a school that also limits the amount of time they spend online.


Another thing to look for when choosing an international school is accreditation. It should have a curriculum that matches specific standards. Some of the best international schools in Bangkok are accredited by American organisations. When a school has this kind of support, you know they can provide a positive learning environment and a strategic plan that will guide their institution.

Finding an international school for your kids can be a challenge, especially if there are plenty of good private schools in your city. The article has discussed just a few factors to consider during your search, there are plenty more. Aside from the points mentioned above, you should also assess the staff and evaluate the facilities.

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