Guide 101: How To Create A School Website That Stands Out!

Designing websites and blogs for educational institutions can be a challenging and convoluted task. Schools and universities are investing heavily on their respective websites, primarily because these portals become a good touchdown point for students, teachers and parents. There are a few inherent challenges of designing a school website. Designers have to ensure that the design stands out and feels authentic to the education niche, and secondly, one must make a website that offers considerable information and resources in a presentable and readable format. In this post, we are discussing more on how to design a school website in particular.

Consider all goals

Most of the contemporary school websites are a storehouse of information. The website must talk of the school’s reputation, must offer all the latest news, events and other information, and must also work as a platform for students to learn. Some school websites also have online problems, login options for students and parents, and much more. Long before the actual design process starts, one must consider the goals. Keep in mind that structuring the website is extremely critical.

Minimal design, more creativity

Eventually, school websites are used by students and parents, and you want the portal to be as easy to navigate as possible. Minimal design doesn’t mean reducing the purpose and appeal of a website. The idea is to be more creative with the design, where the resources are located in a way that one can access a part of the website as needed. Select a good font that’s readable, find a mix of colors that represents the school but is also easy on the eyes, and go for a more futuristic theme.

Adding the right media

School websites, as we discussed earlier, have considerable online resources, and if all of that is text, students and website visitors would get bored in no time. You want to add media in diverse forms. Besides text content, consider adding more of images, infographics, and videos to enhance the feel and look of the website.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Every website needs to be responsive, but when you are designing a school website, you want to be even more careful, because user experience is critical. Make sure that the website feels good and easy to browse on all screens, and the design has to be agile, so that the portal can be tweaked and changed as required to offer more information.

Check online to review school websites for inspiration.

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