Why you should become a medical scribe

Have you ever thought of becoming a medical scribe? Medical students planning to practice in the field should first begin by joining scribing and gaining first-hand experience from those already practicing.

The primary duty of medical scribes is to feed patient information into an electronic health record system. Also, they take part in administrative tasks, which may include consultation and referrals. As a pre-med student, you could be asking, is medical scribing for you? Well, here are five reasons why it is.

  1. Learning more about the medical field

As a medical scribe, you work with actual people in the field. Therefore, you begin to find out whether it is the right decision to study medicine or not. Without getting a feel of what happens in the industry, you do not have the reasons for working there.

Therefore, it is a chance to decide and choose whether the medical loans you are taking to study are worth it. Medical scribing is, therefore, an opportunity to learn.

  1. Gaining experience from those working there

No matter the career you want to undertake, it is always good to get experience from the real world. Otherwise, you will be working with hear-says and making uninformed decisions on your career.

The period you work with clinicians in the field is essential in making you succeed in the medical field. It is an opportunity to prove that you got built for success.

  1. Helps you build relationships and get mentored

Working as a medical scribe helps you to network with other people in the industry. Remember, working with professionals in this industry gives you a chance to build long-lasting relationships. These relationships sometimes go beyond the scribing program until when you join the field entirely.

Also, working with experienced people is a chance to get mentorship. Moreover, these professionals will be ready to recommend you for work after the program.

  1. Hands-on learning

Also, medical scribing allows you to learn more about what the industry requires. Learning this way is better because you observe what the medical care providers are doing and master it. Eventually, you will have learned a lot by the time you end the program.

Most medical scribes enter the health facilities with little knowledge, but at the end of the program, they have a lot of information.

  1. A chance to make some money

Although this is not actual employment, it is considered a paid internship program. Therefore, you have a chance to make some money from it. Whether working as a part-time or full-time scribe, you make money while still learning the ropes of this industry.

At the end of these programs, most scribes decide to turn this experience into a long-term career. Also, some make enough money to help them advance individually.


Becoming a medical scribe is a great experience to learn, network, and make money. Therefore, if you had not decided, then these benefits of being one should help you decide.

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