If you are here, that implies you are contemplating becoming an insurance agent. You may be wondering whether it is the right career path for you and what courses you need to pursue to become a qualified insurance agent. For one, being an insurance agent is a highly lucrative career with flexible working hours. To achieve that, you need to possess at least a degree and have some specific qualities.

Note that taking the right insurance courses can make a big difference between landing a lucrative insurance job with a big national insurance company and not getting the license to practice as an insurance agent within your state. Therefore, you must follow the right education channel to be a successful insurance agent. This guide provides you with everything you need to know on how to be an insurance agent.

Education requirements

The minimum qualification for becoming an insurance agent is a minimum diploma or its equivalent. A college degree is not a mandatory requirement, but many employers will prefer a degree at the least. Having an educational qualification in other related fields such as economics, finance, and business administration makes you a more desirable candidate for your potential employers. Other college courses that enhance your resume include risk management, insurance, business communication, financial management, business law, leadership, marketing, and financial accounting.


Many employers expect insurance agents to have not less than three years of market experience, which is obtained through direct sales experience, insurance, banking, finance, or any other related field. Insurance companies offer training positions and internship programs to help candidates gain the skills required for a successful insurance broker. Such skills may include excellent communication skills, marketing, public speaking, and team building. You can also find a mentor to lead you on the way to becoming a skillful insurance agent.

State licensing

After the education and internship, you must also undergo the license training course to become a certified insurance agent. For whatever type of insurance you would like to sell, you must be licensed in your state to practice. To achieve that, you have to register for a state approved training course in the insurance type you want to specialize in and undertake a proctored examination. You can specialize in health, car insurance, accident, or life insurance, such as obtaining a Missouri life insurance license. After you pass the exam, you are now licensed to practice in your state.

Further education

To retain your license, you must continue with your education and report to the state insurance department. For instance, you can undertake financial planning or wealth management courses to diversify your skills.

Product knowledge

To be a successful insurance agent, you must present a comprehensive range of products and services to meet your clients’ reasonable needs. As an insurance agent, you need to have the technical know-how, that is, knowing more than just selling an insurance policy. You must know the tax and legal requirements of the product you are selling and how it fits the client’s overall financial situation.

Personality and reliance

Other personal skills are required to be a successful insurance agent. You must have high levels of energy to convince clients to buy your insurance products. Brace yourself for rejection daily, and you also must be honest with your clients.


Being an insurance agent means job flexibility and independence if you take the right path to become one.

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