Here’s What You’ll Need When You Move Away for College

Congratulations on your decision to move away from home to go to college—exciting times are ahead! If you’re a student looking to move to school soon, or the parent or loved one of a new college student, there are some things you’ll want to consider before beginning your undergraduate college experience. For a list of items you won’t want to leave at home, read on.

Technology and Storage Devices

When packing for any big move, it’s easy to think about packing tangible things. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about the digital items you hold sacred, too. Something as simple as a digital photo storage device will matter. A big move likely means new friends, memories, landscapes, and more. You’ll want storage space to store those photographs from your digital camera or mobile device. When packing for college, be sure you head out of town with a great cloud storage plan, unlimited storage, or an iCloud membership that will suit your needs, not only for your photography but for assignments, too.

The semesters ahead are bound to include sleepless nights of assignments. Consider backup storage, hard drive space needs, and how you’ll configure your internet connection before leaving for your dorm room. Having enough cloud storage to handle all your needs will make a big difference when you begin your coursework. For students in design or photography programs that will require digital images for assignments, consider technology that can handle plenty of megapixels and offers unlimited photo storage. Think about investing in programs like Adobe Lightroom or Illustrator, too. The more tools you go in with, the easier it will be for you to succeed. After packing that laptop and SD card, consider a desktop with a portable hard drive as well.

A Plan for the Future


Arriving at school with the perfect external hard drive or USB flash drive won’t be enough to acclimate to core classes quickly. The reality is that an undergraduate education is expensive. For this reason, you’ll want to begin thinking about your future plans for after you earn your bachelor’s degree now.

Maybe you hope to transition into an accelerated graduate business degree program and plan to jump from undergraduate studies directly to graduate coursework. If this is your plan, it’s important to keep that big picture in mind when deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. For someone like you, an off campus apartment, for example, could make the transition easier and work out better long term.

Dorm Room Essentials and Comforts


Regardless of whether you plan to live in the dorm or an apartment, you’ll want to pack those essentials that will remind you of home and offer comfort. Check with your school about rules regarding hot plates, microwaves and refrigerators. Consider amenities in your dorm like laundry in the basement or whether you’ll need a vehicle to get around town. Doing some basic research ahead of time will make your transition into new daily habits in a new place easier down the line. Other things to consider are packing items like bikes and fitness equipment or anything related to hobbies you enjoy now. You’ll want to bring them with you to your new town.

At the end of the day, packing for any big move can be exciting but stressful, too. By planning ahead, you’ll make things easier on yourself. The same way you won’t want to procrastinate on that syllabus work, now’s a great time to get started with a checklist of items that makes the most sense for you. By bringing unlimited storage, a digital camera to collect memories, dorm room essentials, and an open mind about the future, you’ll be in a great position to make the first chapter of your undergraduate studies a breeze.

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