The rush to study MBBS in China

Obtaining an MBBS degree from a medical university in China is indeed an enviable achievement for any medically aspiring student. Almost all medically inclined students from every part of the globe are making a beeline for this country. And correctly so. The reason is straightforward and easy to understand. International standards in medical education being imparted at the various Medical Universities and Colleges and together with the competitive fee structures make it the ideal destination for one and all, from all parts of the world.

It is commonly known, and is an accepted fact that a medical student, armed with an MBBS degree from China. It is the prime candidate for a medically oriented job and possesses all the qualifications necessary to begin a lucrative career in the medical field. Another reason why this is so is simply that any employer, just about anywhere in the world, would be aware and convinced that the job aspirant would undoubtedly be more qualified for any suitable post, against any other competition. This is also because it is a known factor that they would surely be equipped with a lot more hands-on experience, due to the world-class and high-tech infrastructure and facilities. It is always an actual win-win situation. The competition, no matter how strong, is and quickly wiped out.

Another significant reason behind it all is that all medical colleges in China are held in the highest regard and duly recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC) and otherworldly Medical Bodies. This proves a double whammy for all Indian students in particular. The medium of instruction in all the Medical Colleges in China is in English, which is a big added advantage for any International Student. Let us now understand some of the factors that make study MBBS in China so very alluring for one and all.

The rudimentary facts of an MBBS course in China 

  • An MBBS course takes 6 years to complete in China.
  • The first 5 years involve a student in theoretical classroom learning and adequate practical exposure, wherever and whenever necessary. The internationally upgraded infrastructure and Medical facilities available in China help students gain the very best overall experience related to the medical field.
  • Once a student has completed the classroom programme, a one-year internship is a next phase. The overall objective is to gain the maximum practical and hands-on training in numerous hospitals closely affiliated with the Medical College. Real-world hospital-related functions, like surgeries, operations etc., are dealt with and mastered.
  • Indian students also have the option to do the internship in their own country.

What makes an MBBS degree from China so attractive?

  • Unlike most other places, there are no donations to be paid for an MBBS course admission in China.
  • Admissions are entirely dependent on marks scored in the 12th exam and the corresponding results in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects.
  • Considering the stature of an MBBS degree from China in the Global Medical World makes the going smooth for attaining any job in the medical field, anywhere in the world.
  • The Chinese government funding all of their Medical Universities makes studying in china more lucrative for all medical students.

Some real-world advantages of an MBBS degree from China 

  • The MBBS degree from China is approved by National Medical Commission and all major countries.
  • The admission process to MBBS colleges in China is much more accessible and uncomplicated.
  • The facilities provided in the medical campuses are of world standards.
  • The overall cost of living is comparatively low in China and so less financial pressure.
  • It is a common practice for offering sponsored scholarships to deserving students.

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