How To Pick Which Branch of the Law You Wish To Work In

At various points during your education you will have to make certain choices which are going to indicate what kind of lawyer you plan to be. By this we are not talking about being a passionate lawyer, outgoing lawyer or a subtle but effective lawyer, but rather what field of law you choose to specialize in. Within all areas of the law there are individual branches which call for a specialist, and making the choice is far from easy. You could join a team of truck accident attorneys, opt to work in corporate law or dedicate your time to working in family law. The choice is yours, and here are some factors which may influence it.

The Passions You Have

Whilst it comes as no surprise that all lawyers have a passion for justice, beyond this you can use whatever passions you have to choose your specialty. Consider the people you see in your daily life, what you see on the TV screen and even on news reports. If you have a particular feeling of injustice in certain situations or there are some people who you feel could be represented better, this could be the calling that you have been looking for.

What Skills You Have

Another factor in your decision should be the kind of skills which you have. For example if you are someone who won’t let go of something until you get to the bottom of what has happened, you may find that personal injury law is a great place to work. If you are particularly analytical and you really love to crunch through words and numbers, helping corporate clients to check through contracts could be the perfect option. Be honest with yourself and consider what skills you possess, and which particular branches of law they can help with.


There are some branches of the law which pay more than others and there are also some which have a clear structure as to how you can make your way up the career ladder. If you are someone who is ambitious then there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking to use this as a way to find the right particular field of law for you. There are many great lawyers out there who used their ambition to help them decide where they would work.


And finally you could look into what it is that motivates you in life, and use this to help guide your path through the world of law. For some people they just want to do good, others want to see justice served to those who have wronged the law and many more simply want to do the best for whichever client they may have. Allow these motivations to inspire your choice as to which branch of the law you will operate in.

These are the main factors which should be influencing this important decision.

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