How to Ensure Safeguarding in your Educational Establishment

Safeguarding vulnerable people is one of the trickiest things we do in education. Here’s how to manage it in your employees.

Schools, universities, colleges, and anywhere that teaches vulnerable people, all need to submit their staff to safeguarding training. This training starts during the formative years of learning to teach. Although students learn about it early in their teacher training, that doesn’t mean it stops there.  In fact, teachers ought to refresh this brand of training every year or two, just to remain safe. Let’s look at what safeguarding training is and how you can improve it in your school.

What is Safeguarding?

First of all, let’s discuss what safeguarding actually is. The best description for this type of training is that it teaches educators how to manage the needs of students who are at a disadvantage. Since children and vulnerable adults in our care are unable to express their own needs sometimes, we place the onus for this on our teachers. We teach them how to spot vulnerability, how to identify students who are at risk, and how to spot signs of neglect.

Students don’t always speak up when they are in danger. Some don’t know how and others are not aware that the things they experience in their home environment might not be normal. A teacher who is paying close attention can spot signs of mistreatment. They are uniquely placed to see bruises, malnourishment, and other signs of harm to the child.

Why is Safeguarding Training so Important?

Teachers are only human and your average human isn’t paying that much attention to the needs and wants of others. It takes a special type of training to be able to see the signs of abuse or neglect in children, without being invasive in their lives. Once they have had the training, a teacher is better armed with the information they need to progress any potential instances of abuse that they find. They study this in the same way as they study how to give successful and fair exams.

It is one thing to spot the signs, it is quite another to know who to report those signs to, or to know what to do about it that won’t cause further harm to the child. Teachers need to be 100% sure that the child is experiencing problems before getting social services involved. To deal effectively with children in danger, we can’t risk putting them in worse situations. A teacher walks the fine line between both worlds, hoping to do the best they can by their charges.

Where to get Safeguarding Training Online?

Luckily, safeguarding training just got a whole lot easier. You can now teach yourself this course through the power of the internet. To get safeguarding training online, simply visit Hays Safeguarding Training. Hays are a major provider of educational training within the UK. They provide free wellbeing classes alongside this training module.

You can get safeguarding training in person, too, but since this is a talking training, teachers can complete it online. We recommend that you perform this training every year to keep it fresh in their minds. More information please visit RCN high-speed internet


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