Top Engineering Universities in the United Kingdom

Engineering is a field that has immense applications in almost every industry. In the United Kingdom, engineers hold some very well reputed positions in companies and organizations. Engineers can even work on to become specialists in their fields in the United Kingdom. Such engineers are called Chartered Engineers, and they enjoy a good reputation in the job market.

The United Kingdom has universities that offer teaching in various engineering disciplines such as Chemical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and others. In addition, degrees in engineering are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Eligibility criteria to take admission in top universities

The entry requirements are almost the same across universities in the United Kingdom, with minor details differing between universities. But the requirements that are most common among universities include having good grades (A levels in maths and physics) and an IELTS score within the 7.0 or more bandwidth. Some universities might even use interviews as a method to gauge the student’s candidacy.

List of top universities in the UK

The best engineering colleges in the UK offering degrees in Engineering of different categories and across levels include:

University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford is one of the world-renowned institutions offering degrees in engineering. It has quite the reputed faculty, excellent methods of teaching combined with practical work. The University of Oxford also boasts of a powerful alum network.

University of Cambridge 

The University of Cambridge, much like its contemporary, Oxford, also has excellent engineering degrees that are very well reputed. In addition, Cambridge has some robust industrial networks to enable the students to have more practical experience.

Imperial College London 

The Imperial College London offers students the chance to set out directly into London, one of the world’s major hubs for all businesses and activities. The Imperial College is especially renowned for its proficiency in Civil and Structural Engineering and its links with the industry in London. Some of the fanciest civil projects are decided upon in London for the rest of the United Kingdom. That makes the Imperial College of London a very lucrative option for engineering.

University of Edinburgh 

Situated in the Scottish regions of the United Kingdom, the University of Edinburgh is a highly underrated institution. It has, however, been getting its due recognition in recent years. Engineering at the University of Edinburgh has attracted the likes of many big companies as well. The faculty is also very well reputed.

University of Bath 

The University of Bath is one of the oldest institutions in the United Kingdom. The university has a very dated campus that is reminiscent of its beginnings as a teaching institution. The alum that has passed out of the University of Bath has spoken highly of its aeronautical engineering program. They have to go to become very successful in the field.


Besides the above, a few sound top engineering universities in UK also include Nottingham Trent, Bristol, Southampton, and Leeds. These universities are very well reputed in the United Kingdom and the European Union and prepare the students with skill sets that would be very beneficial for them in the future. Students can excel in planning and develop analytical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and project management skills to help them secure the best jobs possible.

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