Importance of practice tests and previous years’ papers for JEE Mains

Preparing for the JEE Mains paper involves going through the syllabus, working on the concepts, keeping track of the exam pattern, and solving the sums. However, there is one more thing that you should not forget before sitting for the exam: taking the practice tests and going through the previous years’ papers. You need to take up both practice tests and previous years’ papers to be truly ready for the final examination. Here’s outlining the importance of the practice papers and previous years’ papers in detail.

The importance of practice papers for JEE Mains

Given below are the five reasons why practice papers are crucial for your JEE Mains preparation.

  1. Understanding the difficulty level

The practice papers give you an idea about the difficulty level of exams, and how it varies from easy to moderate and difficult. Taking the practice tests will help you to know your level of preparation for different chapters.

  1. Knowing the weightage of questions

The practice questions of the exam will help you understand the marking scheme in the actual paper, with regards to different topics. It will also aid you to plan your lessons for preparations.

  1. Getting a feel of the examination

Before sitting for the examination, you get a feel of the real deal through the practice tests. It will help you handle your fear beforehand. With this, you will become more confident and ready for the exam.

  1. Keeping track of their speed

The practice tests conducted in JEE online classes help you get to know about your timing in answering the questions. You can work on answering the questions faster than before.

  1. Practicing the questions online

Since the exam will be conducted online, you will get a feel of how to take the paper by practicing mock tests.

The significance of previous year’s papers for JEE Mains

Candidates who will appear in JEE Mains this year should also take a look at their previous year’s papers because of the following reasons:

  1. Understanding the patterns

JEE preparation is better when you go through your previous year’s papers to know the pattern of questions closely.

  1. Knowing different question types

When practicing the papers for the previous year, you get an idea about the kind of questions that are asked in the exam, i.e., calculative, theoretical, or analytical.

  1. Recognizing the crucial topics

When you practice the papers for the previous year for JEE Mains, you get to know about the topics that are of utmost importance in the exam. You can buckle up and focus more on those topics to score better.

  1. A way to increase your speed

If you practice the previous years’ papers on a regular basis, you would note a remarkable improvement in your speed in the examination.

  1. Enhancing the skills of time management

The consistent practice of the previous years’ papers will help you to solve questions faster and quicker than before.

And that’s it! You will be more confident and better prepared to take the exam if you go through both the papers beforehand.

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